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Scott Bader Innovation Centre provides COVID-19 secure, flexible office space for small and growing companies in the chemicals, materials, composites and advanced engineering sectors. Everybody working at the centre benefits from our dynamic and supportive community, with access to a technical support package from Scott Bader's Measurement Science Group, worth up to £1000. There’s no better place to inspire your business.

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Set in the heart of the idyllic village of Wollaston in Northamptonshire, Scott Bader Innovation Centre is set within Scott Bader’s headquarters, and offers the perfect setting for both new and growing businesses. Scott Bader is a Common Trusteeship chemical company employing over 650 people worldwide, known for their unique ownership and governance structure that puts their employees first. Our centre is proud to share Scott Bader’s strong community values.


Scott Bader is a multinational chemical company employing 600 people worldwide with manufacturing sites in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and has a turnover of 220 million Euros.

Oxford Innovation were appointed by Scott Bader to manage Scott Bader Innovation Centre in 2011.  Scott Bader is a Common Trusteeship Company, employee owned, having been gifted to the workers by its founder Ernest Bader in 1951.

Like many multinational companies, Scott Bader found themselves with excess space on their main site in Wollaston. They had previously let some of the space to a university spin out and had seen many advantages in collaborating with them.

And so Scott Bader Innovation Centre was born...


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After starting with a handful of innovators over 15 years ago, we are now one of Europe’s leading science and technology communities.

We belong to and are backed by the powerful network and experienced team at Oxford Innovation. A startup and developing support organisation with over 20 years of experience, Oxford Innovation is currently helping over 950 businesses to grow.


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The largest operator of innovation centres in the UK, with 24 and growing, Oxford Innovation is also a leader of social and economic development. By providing infrastructure for developing companies, we create financial return for building owners while contributing to the economy in region. This offers the businesses that operate in each centre reassurance for longer-term security and a proven growth model to help them succeed.



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